Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I almost forgot that I had to write a blog today. I was about to take a nap and let the night pass by. I am just so looking forward to my vacation on Saturday that I forget about what is in the middle. I still need to get through tomorrow, Thursday and Friday before I can deal with the excitement that is Saturday.

What is on the Agenda for the rest of the week:
Tonight- Finish this blog and get a good night's rest.
Wednesday- Work, Gym, blog, pack, print out some forms for my dad, and get a good night's rest.
Thursday- Work, Gym, Blog, print out directions to Newark, pack some more, sleep
Friday- Work (out at 1), Drive to Newark, Blog, Hang out with Mollie or something, sleep.
Saturday- Wake up early, Drive to Montreal Canada and have fun all week!!!

So my cousin, Joelle, told me to bring clubbing clothes and a bathing suit for the spa. She's taking me to the spa!!! Woohoo, I've never been to the spa before. I hope we actually do go because I am really looking forward to it and I need this vacation. I've been working with no vacation since July 2007; I am tired and frustrated and I need something good right now. I am certain that there will be times when I just want to smack someone, but right now, I don't want to think about that. I just need to get through this week and I will be gone.

Now with this vacation comes drama. Since I am the first one to get to work, that means I have the key to the place. The people that come in 15 minutes after me do not have a key, but when I am gone they are going to be the first ones to get there, which means that they are going to need a key. Problem- Boss lady does not trust them with a key (they are a young couple with two very young kids who will be the first kids there so technically they are going to need to watch their kids while prepping the center for opening). I don't think they can do it and neither does boss lady. If it was any other young couple with very young kids, I wouldn't mind, but since it is who it is, I am all frightful. Normally they have issues getting in to work on time so I don't think they would be able to get to work 15 minutes earlier than they are used to.

But you know what?

That is not my problem! Take my key, see you next week!

Now here is a little something that annoys the hell out of me. My friend Courtnee used to live near by but since she became ill, she had to live with her aunt in NY to be closer to the good doctors. She comes back to visit every once in a while, which is great because she is the only true friend that I have out here. Now, I love her to death, but she picked up this habit that annoys the Sugar Honey Iced Tea out of me. She says "OMG" all of the time. Her mom finds it annoying, her grandma finds it annoying and I find it terribly annoying. I know that it is just one of those things that you do when you move to another area and you become accustomed to the things that they say and do, but really? OMG? Why that saying? Why not just say "oh my god/gosh/ goodness"? It takes the same amount of energy and time to say.

Well, I think that is all for today, check ya later!.

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Shano said...

Looks like boss lady is going to have to wake up early!

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