Monday, June 07, 2010


Oh, to be a young woman in a home where you feel like you don't belong. To be around people who have so much going for them and you and nothing. You are forced to be humble and kinds and ladylike when everyone around you can be snobby and brag about everything that they have.

Whether it is something as simple as a job or something big like an engagement, there will always be something floating over your head making you feel jealous. People are advancing in their lives and you feel stagnant. This one's getting married; that one's having a baby. This one just got a promotion; that one just graduated. You're happy for these people, but then there is something in the pit of your stomach that is aching to have their success.

You know that you are not ready for marriage or kids and you might not want to go back to school, but there is that sense of accomplishment that is lacking in your life. If only we could all be like Fanny Price in Mansfield Park and just be happy for these people and continue to live our lives. Take our parents' criticism with a grain of salt and continue being true to ourselves.

We all know that jealousy gets us nowhere and yet every time someone does something awesome, we become green-eyed monsters. This is advice that I should be the first person in line to receive: If you want something, go for it. Use your jealousy to inspire you to do something great rather than sit around and mope.

Go and get yours!
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