Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary Charlie!

It's my best friend, Charlie's, 2nd wedding anniversary today and I wanted to give her a huge shout out!! She doesn't read this but I wanted to do it anyway.

So what did I do today?
In no particular order (because I don't want to think about the actual sequence of events of the day and because I was actually going to just skip today and go to sleep.)

I went to work. I said happy ann. to Charlie. I said Happy Belated b-day to Kim, my other best friend (the three of us call ourselves the power puff girls. details on that some other time). I went to the gym for an hour. I watched the last couple of episodes of Tru Blood. I watched the an episode of Ugly Betty that I missed. I went to choir practice. I took out the garbage. I watched the biggest loser.

Anyway, I'm super tired for some reason. Looks like this is a major fail when blogging is concerned. Sorry BEDA Buddies, I'll try harder tomorrow.

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