Friday, April 24, 2009

It's the weekend...

...And I am so happy that it is. Yesterday was a pretty low day so today I indulged in one of my pleasures, singing. I sang my heart out today and I didn't care who heard me. At work, in the car, at home, I was a singing machine. Rock, Opera, Pop, Broadway. It felt good to let it out. That is how I let my anger out. Anger, frustration, tiredness, everything.

After work, I went to a place that starts with a W and ends with a T and rhymes with Paul Blart (mall cop, hehe)and bought myself some paint brushes so hopefully something good will come of that. I can feel the creative juices flowing and if I lock myself in my room long enough something will happen.

I am about to hang out with my friend Courtnee right now. WE are going to see Obsessed with Beyonce and Ali Larter. I didn't really want to see it but Court did and whatever I have to do to hang with my friend.


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