Monday, April 13, 2009


Alright, so saturday morning, we got up at 5 am, got ourselves ready and left at a quarter to 6. I wasn't feeling too well because of the bed sushi I had the night before. So we set out and mom drove for the first couple of hours and I drove for the second 2 hours. Mom drove the last hour, we refilled the tank and a few seconds later we were at the boarder. We were in line for 40 minutes and hten it took us another 40 to get to my aunt's house. We figured that if we didn't have to stay so long at the boarder and stop 3 times to pee, we would have made it in 5 hours.

I, of course, was still having stomach issues and I didn't feel like eating during the whole trip and when we finally got to my aunt's house, all I had was a banana. My cousin Joëlle came over and hung out a bit, we watched The Secret Life of Bees, but of course we couldn't hear anything because we were in a room full of haitians and we are a very loud race of people.

My cousin Jo showed me some very funny videos on youtube and I will share them with you.


normally I can't watch these shows for that specific reason, but they were too funny to pass up.

Well anyway, it turns out that I am much mroe tired than I thought I was. All I want to do is sleep or just lie down, but then I see my grand mother just sitting there in her wheel chair and her daughters have to help her into a harness thing to get her from her chair to her bed because she can't stand on her own anymore and she is too heavy to carry, and I feel weird. (was that a run on sentence? oh well)

I heard this song on the radion, but it was in french minus the mammy blue parts and it sound like Tay Zonday was singing it.

I went to church on Sunday with Jo and then went to the aunt's again to find my "neice" there. She's really my cousin Valerie's neice but whatever, although Val says that she is Maëlye's (pronounced Miley)one and only aunt.

After church, we had a nice Easter feast and then we watched an African movie called "The Obsesses", oh lord that movie was horribly good. The story was interesting, but the acting and the film quality was terrible, which made you want to continue watching it.

Today will be just a nice peaceful day in and maybe a trip to the movie theater later. So far, it's a good vacation.

A demain!

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