Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well, here we go. Thanks to Maureen Johnson, I have decided to blog everyday in April (BEDA).

So most of my blogs are pretty much about guys and my issues with them and all of that craziness so I have a new topic.

I know we've all had friends who felt compelled to say "I've gone through hell looking for the right guy/girl." Normally you would respond with "well it's pretty hard nowadays, but you'll find him/her."

I was thinking about this recently and I was like "Well why would you want to find your perfect match in hell?"

I know that what they really mean to say is that they have gone through a lot to find someone to love, but is love really worth all of the trouble? Shouldn't the whole process of finding someone be a pleasant thing?

Hmm. maybe not

I guess Love is the reward and you have to go through some hard times to reap that reward.

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