Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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I don't really have anything to talk about today. I'm still excited about my vacation from work. I'm glad I get to be away from those monkeys for a whole week. Please, Lord, let that be the slowest week ever!!!

So, here is today's experiment. Since I don't really have anything to talk about today, I decided to have a couple of drinks and see what the silliness brings me. (imagine all of the typos)

Right now I am watching an episode of Will and Grace and it is hilarious. Of course. I wish that my best gay friend lived with me so that he could be Will to my Grace or Jack to my Karen when I'm intoxicated, haha. Well right now they are talking about writing a will and I was wondering what sort of stuff I would have in mine.
Of course I would leave whatever moeny I have to to my living relatives, depending on how much moeny I have. (haha, I just took a sip of my sour apple martini and I almost choked. I totally pwned death) Awe, Will and GRace is over, sad :(

So anyway (ooh today's episode of One life to live is on Soaptv or whatever the channel is called) All the money that I have will go to my children and husband, ( If I have those) or to my brothers and sister. All of my belongings are to be sold ( or auctioned if I'm rich and famous) and the proceeds will go to Haiti and a charity for Down Syndrome. I forget what it's called but that mean doctor in Scrubs is a part of it. Of course I'm an organ donor so those will be harvested and then my body will be given up for science.
At my funderal, I want every one to wear a shade of purple that touches them, and they will watch a video of my playing Elphaba in a Broadway production of Wicked, where Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth are sitting in the front row giving me a standing ovation, naturally. In the church service, they will, of course, sing For Good, the song where best friends Elphaba and Glinda (formerly Galinda) part ways.

(Soap Operas are funny)

Whatever properties I own, will be turned into homeless shelters where no one will be denied a place to sleep and food will be plentiful.

(uh oh, glass is empty, better refill)

(darn my English major ways and my need to go back and edit. My typos were supposed to be funny)

(Why does that dude sound like he came fresh off of the boat from Mexico? ) sorry, random commenting on soap opera.

Ok, new glass of sour apple martini (3rd one, plus a glass and a 3rd of arbor mist and a glass of cranberry and vodka. wow, that's a lot. still coherent though)

If Haiti is fine by the time I die and I live longer than my siblings, then whatever I have will go to a scholarship fund for innercity kids who need help paying for college. That is how I got my start and so I need to continue that tradition. Althought it wasn't for college, it was for high school. I went to boarding school in PA called The Hill School check it out, it's pretty cool in retrospect. haha.

You know what, I'm kinda tired now. I think I'm going to stop. I've lost the feeling in my jaw and Beyonce's Single lady's is playing so i gotta dance even though i don't like her. ok, bye.

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