Thursday, May 05, 2011


Earlier today, I was letting my mind wander. Sometimes I like to let my mind make the weirdest connections between things. What came to me was a connection between people, light and stars.

We've all heard people say "you are the light onf my life" or something to that effect and sometimes we respond with, Yeah, ok, whatever. I think of light as a person's essence. There's the positive light (bright shiny and happy) and there is the negative light (black light).

Light in and of itself is a simple yet powerful thing. Light is pure.

In me, my essence is what brings me joy, my passions. My essence in relation to my light bulb of a body is my SELF.  When I am my SELF, I am pure.

Light, in relation to other things is an aide or a booster. Light helps you see the things around you. Light lets you know that one thing is this color and another thing is that color.  Light doesn't just let you see other things, it lets you know who or what they are. Also, you need light to know that light exists. Light fuctions for itself and for others.

I, like light, have relationships with other things. When I am being myself, I know what things interest me and what things don't. I know which people I get along with and which ones I don't. When I interact with other people, I know that I havedifferent opeinions and views on things and that lets me know that I am different from you, and that lets you know that you are different from me. Whether intentional or not, I live for me and for you.

The shine of a star's light can travel light years away and shine for many many years after the star has disappeared. The light may not be at the same exact spot where the star once was, but it is still shining somewhere.

Even after we pass on, the people we were continue to live on in the memories of other people.  The things we've done with our selves and our time has impacted tons more people than we realize.  The stars in the sky have no idea how much we love to stare at a night sky because of them. They have no idea that we make wishes on them.  I bet the lady at the bank who said "God Bless you young lady, and ooh, you hair looks very nice" has no idea how she totally made my day today.

Earlier, I mentioned something called the negative light or the black light. I think that it is safe to say that you all know what black light does. Also called Ultra Violet Light, when it is on in a dark room, it doesn't make the room look brighter or more visible, it makes all of the impurities of the room visible (God help you if you ever had to use it is a dude's room). The purpose of black light is the complete opposite of the use of regular light. Sure, they both help you to see, but one is only meant for the bad things.

I would like for all of you to think about how you are all using your light. Light helps you see everything, the good and the bad, in everything else and within your self
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