Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back in the States

Well I am back in the United States, if you couldn't tell by the title. Last night, Jo, Val and I went to Sky Spa and it was an interesting experience. It was a Hot/Cold kind of thing where we get into our bathing suits and go into a sauna. It was hot as hell and I could hardly breathe, but somehow I was relaxed. After the sauna was a steam room where it was as hot as the sauna but it was really foggy in the room. Then we dipped ourselves in the ice-cold pool for about 2 seconds and then went to the nice hot tub that was pool sized. That was the best part and I could have been in there all day. Oh, and the hot tub and ice-cold pool were on the roof so technically we were in our bathing suits outside.

So we did a couple of rounds of that and then we went into the really nice and quiet room that showedrandom peaceful things on the television like rain drops on a flower petal and the clouds moving over the fields. We read our books/fell asleep and then we went back for another round of Hot, Hot, Cold, Hot. It was a really great experience and I would not mind doing it again.

We got back to Jo's apartment and ate our KFC or PFK as it is called in Quebec. (Can you believe they don't serve the chicken with biscuits? My cousins looked at me like I was crazy. Val actually asked me what a biscuit was.)We watched This Christmas starring Delroy Lindo, Chris Brown (boo!), Idris Elba and Regina King. The movie was cute and silly, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again.

Well, Mom wanted to leave at 7 in the morning and I was not having that. I could hardly sleep last night; all I could think about was Oprah and Ashton Kutcher. Note: Never eat fried chicken right before you go to sleep.
So I got out of bed at 6:45 and I slowly got my things together, packed up my computer and tried to put some order in my hair because all of that heat and humidity mucked it up.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to drive back to Easton and hang out alone for my final day of vacation.

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