Thursday, August 04, 2011

Will You Be My Friend?

So I don't really get out much. Ok, I don't get out at all. I don't have many friends in my area. Ok I have no friends in my area and I don't exactly live in a place where I would want to go out alone.  I've tried joining meetup groups but there aren't any cool ones here. There aren't any that really fit my interests. Everything is in NYC and I have qualms about traveling to the city alone, especially at night. 

Maybe I live a sheltered life or maybe I'm just being cautious. What I know for certain is that I haven't made a new acquaintance in about a year and that mess needs to change. I quite enjoy making new friends. Large groups are exhausting, but having a nice tight knit group is always nice to have. I miss going on group outings. I miss going to my friends house and hanging out.  It was so much easier to do when I used to live in a dorm room, but now, living with the rents in a city that no one would want to set foot in really puts a damper on things.

Now, if I am having a hard time making new friends in this city that I grew up in, how in the world am I going to find someone to love? Just by looking at some of the guys in my city, I know that my Mr. Right isn't here. I thought maybe online dating would help me. So far no luck. eHarmony, Match, Plentyoffish, none of these helped me out (yet). I don't want to count online dating out just yet because it's still fresh and you can't move to a new place and expect to find the love of your life in the first two months of being there.

I guess I need to realize that if I want to invite people into my life, I have to make my life available for other people to notice.  The reason why I never meet anyone new is because I'm busy doing the same things everyday and seeing the same people everyday. I have to do something out of the ordinary. I need to get out of my comfort zone.  I need to get over my fear of people, their opinions and the possibility of being rejected by them.

Even though I may be alone physically, I know that I'm not alone when it comes to fearing other people opinions. I missed out on the possibility of having a great, long-lasting friendships because I was afraid of what my friends thought of me and it made me paranoid.  They are off having the time of their lives and I'm here writing a blog for people who don't read it.
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