Thursday, April 16, 2009


I forgot to update you on the situation at my aunt's house with the "doing of the hair". Well, my aunt's hair is natural and really really short because it keeps falling out due to all of the chemicals that she put in her hair plus the genetic hair loss thing that happens to the women in our family. She is really jealous of my hair and how long it's gotten after I cut it really short (so short that someone called me sir).
Anyway, I had her wash her hair and I used some of my Pink Lotion (tm) to make it a bit softer. It took me almost 2 and a half hours to twist her hair (it's like braiding but with two strands instead of three). It looked nice although the hair in the very center of her head was a bit thin, but you can hardly tell. Of course while I was doing her hair she was falling asleep so it was kinda hard for me to do some twists straight, but I succeeded. My aunt is the type of person who can not keep her fingers out of her hair so she kept touching and rubbing and she was messing it up. I told her that she needs to just leave her head alone and let it grow.

Now the situation with my mother: The minute I walked into the house I was not able to be nice. I gave my grandma a kiss on each cheek, I gave my aunt a kiss on each cheek and i just said hey to my mom. Is that bad?

When I started doing my aunt Marie's hair, my mother constantly had something to say. "You're doing them too thick! You're doing them too thin! Let me help you!"

I would have accepted her help, but the way that she does it is very different than the way that I do it. It would be obvious that two people did her hair, plus, she would have been more in my way. It also would have been nice if she didn't offer to help when I was almost done.
My mom is a busy body and if things aren't done her way than it isn't right. I said to her, "Matante Marie specifically wanted ME to do her hair, not you." She looked at me funny. "Do YOU want to do it then?" "Yeah", she said. "Ok, fine" and I almost walked out. Of course my aunt managed to wake up at that point and ask me to come back. For the rest of the time, my mom was quiet and she had her hovering moments, but I got the job done and mom thought that it looked nice.

So, lesson of the day: When it comes to those nitpicky know-it-alls getting in your way, stand your ground and believe in yourself.

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