Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of BEDA

It is the last day of the BEDA project and I have nothing cool to talk about. Doesn't that suck? Ooh, I know. I'll talk about the funniest thing that happened at work today.

So K just changed a baby names Schyler (pronounced Skyler)who had a poopy diaper and it left a not very friendly odor in the classroom. A parent comes in to pick up his kid and R comes walking in behind him and walks into the changing area and proceeds to say, "Ew, it smells like Shyler over here." (making fun of the spelling of the baby's name). The dad that walked in starts to laugh and says "oh I know what you mean, sometimes my kid shylers all up his back and it's a huge mess." We all look at him funny and then burst out laughing. R tells the dad that Shyler is one of the babies, not a euphemism for "shit". I, of course, could not control my laughter and all the teachers plus the dad were laughing like crazy because my laugh is so infectious.

A little bit later, K goes into her daughter's classroom and comes back with a plastic bag containing her daughter's underwear in it. K said, "my daughter told me that she was using the potty and forgot to take off her underwear." Again, dying of laughter. Another teacher, T goes on to say, "I've done that before." and R and I ask in unison, "Recently?" T says, "No, when I was a kid and sometimes when I'm half asleep." R, K and I look at each other and continue to laugh for the rest of the afternoon.

Well, it was a good April, so thank you to Maureen Johnson, my BEDA buddies and the need to write. I had a lot of fun with this and I can't wait till my next "adventure".

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