Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yeah, I skipped a day

Who cares, I missed a day. It's not because I forgot, I was just way too tired to bother. I know that no one cares anyway since I've been mostly ranting about ridiculous things. My job is crazy and my social life is nonexistent so I have no outlet except for choir.

Choir is annoying and boring and I need a singing challenge or something. I hated that I had to wake up early this morning to go to church so that I could sing for the bishop. It would be really cool if it was me, by myself, but I just cantored. It was nice to have poeple come up to me and tell me that I did a great job, but I want people to cheer for me and scream my name and pay to see me. That would be awesome.

I keep gettig these weird bug bites on my hand and feet. They itch but they don't look like mosquito bites. It worries me a little. I noticed that the bites are on areas where there are no bones like the achilles area or in between my thumb and index fingers. I have been spending more time outside that I used to so that might be the thing and I've been wearing sandals and having my hands near the grass, so I am sure that is how I got them. I just think that it is interesting that they are positioned where they are.

I talked to my sister today and she pretty much told me that I was a waste of space and kept on talking like I wasn't supposed to have a reaction. As I said once before, when people say negative things about me, I tend to believe them because they are my family and they know me better than I know myself. So it hurts to hear that I am useless. It hurts. Thanks sis.

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