Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Books are good

Don't tell me what and what not to read!!!

I like books because they entertain me and the books like me because I give them a good home on my shelf.
Books help to broaden our minds and open our eyes to new things, but when someone says not to read certain things then we become close-minded. Just because there are witches, wizards, magic and vampires in these books doesn't mean they are evil. The characters may be evil, but the books themselves are not. I'm getting sick of hearing about people burning books and all that nonsense because the stories contain some "different" things. Do you think that burning these books is hurting the author, it's not. It's giving them notoriety and you have to buy the books to burn them, so you are giving them money. Author still wins and you look stupid.

(ok, not feeling up to par today. boo mother nature)

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muerteverde said...

Who told you not to read books with wizards or magic in them? Is this another religion post? I cannot help but think of the movie Jesus Camp in which the Evangelical camp director screamed at a rapt audience of preteens that Harry Potter is Satanic and any children like him should be killed and that Harry Potter is going straight to Hell.

Burning books can hurt the author if you buy or confiscate all of the copies and burn them. Then no one can read them. But I agree with you in your condemnation of literary censorship, in all its forms. I am a definitely a bibliophile too (book lover, not Bible lover, just to clarify!). I love the sight of books, the heft of books in my hands, the pleasure I get from being transported to other worlds while reading, the knowledge I gain from them, and the sense of permanence that they seem to imply. Something had a thought, maybe last week or maybe 500 years ago, but by writing it down, it is now emboldened and preserved, given a life of its own outside the mind of its author. To love books is to love ideas made whole.

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