Saturday, September 05, 2009

Holy Moly

Ok what can I write in 7 minutes?

Today, I talked to someone I haven't seen or spoken to in 10 years. He and I went to high school together. I was a freshman and he was a junior and he was only there for one year. He was such a cool dude (I had a crush on him, I told him that today too). Well, we talked about old times, stuff that happened after he left. He tried (and succeeded) to pry into my personal life. I think we talked for about 3 hours and it was a breath of fresh air.

After that, I helped my mom fix up some fruit for a b-day party and then we went to said b-day party and then I babysat for my favorite student and his evil big sister.

Now I have a migrain and it's midnight.

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