Sunday, September 06, 2009


I'm sorry the last couple of posts were, well, WHACK, but I have been ridiculously tired and my parents are here spending the long weekend, so I have to answer to their every command. I have so much stuff to do with the pool and they don't know how to help me (they don't want to help me). They grew up in the islands and they are used to warm weather, so they don't want to put on the air conditioner. I, on the other hand, and dying of heat exhaustion and they don't care. Whatever.

I had to babysit last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Two kids, a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old, they are sweet kids and disgustingly cute except for when it's bed time. I've lost my ability to sympathize with children because I have to deal with them everyday so when a child cries for his or her mommy, I just wait it out to the point where the crying sounds like background music.

In other news, we went in the pool today. Finally!! After having the thing for over 2 months, my dad, my brother and I went in it. Well, the guys went in it, I only had my legs in it. At least now we can say that we went in it at some point this summer.

At church today, while the priest was giving his homily, I was busy spacing out (after my sister called me and my cell was ringing loudly, Thanks K). I was thinking about the whole "Gay is bad" situation and why it makes absolutely no sense to me. If God didn't want Homosexuals on Earth, than why did he put them here? I thought God could do everything, couldn't he make everyone heterosexual?

They say that we were sent here to "be fruitful and multiply" and that is the whole reason why homosexuality is wrong. If that is the case then why are there so many barren and infertile women out there? Why are there so many men out there with low sperm counts and are sterile? Well it's alright for them because they can adopt, right? They can have surrogate mothers, right? What about the gay and lesbian couples out there that desperately want and deserve families of their own? They are looked down upon because it is believed that they will not provide a stable home for the children. The children will be confused.

What about all of the children out there with no parents to love them. All of the abandoned children, the crack babies, the abused children, the children who are sold into slavery. The children in African countries and in Haiti and all those places where you see the commercials that make you want to change the channel. I see no reason why or how those child will become confused or unstable just because they have two fathers or two mothers. Those children would settle for one parent just as long as they were receiving love, food and shelter. But, no! These adults are gay and they shouldn't have the right to have children, even if they are in a stable relationship and have awesome jobs and homes.

Speaking of stable relationships, what is this nonsense about not allowing homosexuals to marry? If they want to eff their lives up, then let them. Oh no, marriage is sacred. Bull!! If marriage was so sacred then why do more than half of marriages end in divorce? Why is there so much infidelity? Why are there so many children out of wedlock? Why are there so many people out there working on their seventh marriage? Oy! It really ruffles my feathers to see someone struggle so hard to be able to have a right that they would have had if they didn't love differently and then see someone who has that right abusing it.

It's just like money. There are so many families out there who struggle to make ends meet and there are people out there who have loads of money and they spend it on completely unnecessary things. Seriously, where do they get all of that money for the lottery? I think there are better things that could be done with that cash, don't you? (Now I'm actually curious about what goes on with that lottery money.)

I need your opinions on this, gay rights and money.

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muerteverde said...

Trying to reconcile primitive religious dogma from ancient desert tribes with a modern, liberal understanding of human rights, justice, equality, and rational thought is an exercise in futility. You are just beginning to uncover the injustice, cruelty, and utter absurdity that characterizes these religious doctrines.

God didn't make homosexuals or heterosexuals. We were all born from other humans. And our mothers and fathers also came from other humans without God making any of us. Evolution with common descent is a theory (the term theory does not imply doubt, only that it is a unified framework of explanation) beyond question now in the scientific community. Humans were not created a few thousand years ago from a bit of clay by a supernatural being, but instead are the product of slow, evolutionary modification over millions of years.

So I suggest you also ignore the Bible verses about the sun revolving around the Earth, selling girl children into slavery, stone children to death, the requirement for rapists to marry their victims, and every commandment that tells you to kill anyone of a different faith (and to kill witches, homosexuals, and those who work on the Sabbath).

Homosexual couple should have the right to marry and your comments about marriage echo some of my own thoughts. Heterosexual marriage is not sacred and no religion has any fundamental right to control marriage, in my opinion. Violence and infidelity in marriages now make many of them worse than what a loving and competent homosexual couple could do and so many children are without any parents that to deny them good parents is absurd.

Money is a whole other topic that deserves its own full blog post and 150,000 word comment.

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