Monday, September 07, 2009

Family, only in moderation

I didn't get to do much reading this weekend because my family was here and they annoyed the business out of me. I feel like I have this obligation to be unoccupied while they are here so that I am free to do whatever it is that they need me to do. I sound like a crazy annoying teenager right now but I didn't have a normal teenage life so now is when I feel the need to be all " Moooooommm, you're embaaaarassssinnnngggg meeeeeee".

We took care of pool stuff and I watched "Dance your ass off" on Oxygen (I am more determined than ever to work it out) and read the book that I should have finished on Saturday. I will finish it tonight, even if I have to stay up late.

Obviously, I didn't have much to talk about today, maybe it is because I am dreading having to go to work tomorrow and my mind just wants to do nothing for a little while longer.

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