Monday, September 28, 2009


Saturday night was rather regular. I spent the whole day waiting for the family to come.I think I told you all that I had to sing early that morning, so I was rather lazy for the rest of the day. The parents, my brother and my cousin came over around 7 or 8 (and I yelled to the cabby, yo homes smell ya later... haha) and we just hung around for a bit till bed time, though I stayed up pretty late. Sunday morning, we went to church and then we went to Kohl's to get some picture frames for my sister to give to her professors. While we were at Kohl's, I saw my favorite kid's dad (he works there). It was a little awkward, but it was nice to have someone in my work life know my family life. It's really weird because I talk about my family with my "friends" here and they have never met them. In the two years that I have lived here, my work people have never met my family.

I guess I should see it as more of a blessing.

So we got the picture frames, a pair of pants for Pat and a cute little bracelet for my sister. A few hours later, we drove down to Landsdale, PA to visit K (she flew in from San Fran to give a talk to the Merck people about her research). We had dinner somewhere nearby and we took pictures and we had a genuinely good time. She really liked the bracelet, unless she's taken some acting classes over in SF. I'm glad I got to see her, even though she practically called me a waste.

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