Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Did Jane Austen write me?

I was just thinking about Jane Austen's leading ladies and how I relate to each of them. I haven't exactly had the happy endings like they did, but I still have time (I hope).

Northanger Abbey
Catherine Morland- Comes from a rather poor (and large) family. She goes to spend some time with family in another city. The only thing she knows about life outside of her home is what she reads in books. She loves to read (a little too much) and sometimes her sense of reality gets a little skewed. Now she is in an environment where she tries to fit in (my entire high school experience) and others remind her that she doesn't belong. She's extremely naive and she gets put in her place by someone who holds the highest regard for her (though she doesn't know it).

Mansfield Park
Fanny Price is a poor girl who is sent to live with her aunts, uncle and 4 cousins. She is the rock of the family even though she is constantly reminded that she isn't one if the immediate family members. She answers to her aunts' every command; her female cousins are bitches; her uncle is rather douchy and her cousin Tom is a drunk. The only ones there that genuinely care for her are her Aunt Bertram and her cousin Edmund. She feels obligated to do everything that her family wants and they continue to lack appreciation for her. The minute she makes a decision that she feels is right for her, they make her feel like an ungrateful fool.

Harriet Smith isn't the leading lady, infact, she's kind of a nobody. Her "best friend" is trying to change who she is and the things (people) that she likes. Harriet become a bit of a puppet and is manipulated into loving someone that she would not normally have. Things turn out good for her in the end, but that was by sheer luck.

Sense and Sensibility
Marianne Dashwood is the young songbird that refuses to hide her emotions and Elenor Dashwood is the responsible older sister who keeps her emotions to herself. They lose their father, their home and the men that they love because MEN ARE IDIOTS!!! (oops stupid caps lock key got stuck). Marianne is crying nonstop everywhere she goes and Elenor keeps a brave face. They learn to move on from their situations after a whole lot of drama. Happy ending!!

Anne Elliot has a crappy family. They are all douchy douche bags who only care about their social standing (even though they are in debt). Anne found the love of her life when she was younger but her Godmother told her not to marry him cause she was too young and he was a poor sailor. Years pass, he's back in her life and he's pissed at her. Everytime they are around each other he makes a point in saying that he can't stand it when people are easily persuaded. She feels like crap but she never ever ever stopped loving him.

Pride and Prejudice
Mary Bennet (you thought I was going to say Lizzy, didn't you?) is the unfortunate middle sister of 5. Not very pretty, not very talented no matter how much she practices, and apparently not all that important to the story because everytime she makes a comment they all just laugh at her. Her two older sisters get attention by being perfect and her two younger sisters get attention by being ridiculous so she tries to get attention by being artsy and profound. They don't care, though.

Except for Mary, they all get a happy ending. Still waiting for mine!

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