Monday, February 28, 2011

A Story Worth Telling

I've talked about how fun reading can be and being able to escape to another world while reading.  Lately, I've found myself completely embodying the characters in the books that I read.

I find a relatable character, most likely the female lead, and I become her for the duration of my reading time.  I feel her anger, her sorrow, her passion. I don't do this intentionally; it just sort of happens. Maybe it's normal, maybe it isn't, but I feel like a completely different person.

It could very well be bacause I find my real life so blah, and the lives of the characters in the books so much more exciting. I don't actually wish I was that character because sometimes they go through some effed up stuff, but I guess my deeper reason for wanting to feel their lives is because their stories were worth telling. Whether fictional or not, someone felt it was important to tell a story of that particular person, and I would like to live a life that is worth being remembered.

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