Thursday, February 17, 2011

Honest, Trustworthy and Passionate is the new Tall, Dark and Handsome

So I'm learning about understanding the difference between standards/ ideals and values/principles.  When it comes to the people in my life and my relationships with them (especially the relationships that aren't working), I see how much I hold them to these impossible standards. It's totally unfair to them and totally unrealistic of me. I also see that if something is missing in a relationship, I have to step up and make that change. It is almost certain that the thing that is missing is the major reason why the relationship isn't working.

How did you select the people in your life? Did you say that you wanted smart, good looking friends or did you ask for supportive and trustworthy friends? Did you get what you asked for? Are you happy with what you got? Is there something missing? Do you value your friendship enough to step up to the plate and provide the missing piece? This goes for family and coworkers too.

Before you can have people in your life who embody your values and principles, you would have to embody your values and principles.

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