Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If I Were on Glee

If I were on Glee, I think I would play Mercedes' sister.  I've already given her the name "Portia" and a storyline.

Portia is home for spring break from college.  She's an A student but she is having trouble fitting in and making friends.  She gets jealous of Mercedes for having this great group of glee friends and gets all "attitudey" with her sister.  One night when Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt are having a sleep over, Portia becomes green-eyed when she sees how much fun they are having.  Portia gets into an argument with Mercedes about how she needs to study and the others are making too much noise or whatever. Mercedes then says something mean like "Why did you have to come home anyway? Nobody asked you to come!"  Portia starts to cry and goes back into her room.  Rachel and Kurt persuade Mercedes to reconcile with her sister.  Portia confesses her jealousy and they make up and Mercedes confesses that the always wished she were smarter like Portia. Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes decide to give Portia a little makeover and they all sing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" from Grease while doing so.

Doesn't that sound like a good episode? I just think that Glee needs a little more color and Mercedes deserves a little more plot than "I'm the sassy full-figured black girl who fell for the gay guy so now you will never see me with a love interest".

I'm sorry but how is it that every other girl on that show (aside from dear, blessed Beckie) manages to get multiple hook-ups and Mercedes is the only one who has to sit alone jonesing for Kurt. (It's like me in high school)

Dear Fox and the Creator of Glee,

Fix this!!! NOW!!!


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