Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Top 50 Coolest People in the World (for me)

50. Teri "Hulk" Hogan: He's a great father, an awesome wrestler. Funny as hell.
49. Paris Hilton: On top of being at every single party there is, she still manages to take care of her own shit. Music, Acting, Modeling, Reality Show, Socialite- so much to handle.
48. Kelly Clarkson: Even though she is manufactured, she is still a great singer.
47. Christopher Knight: My favorite Brady, bar none!!! Good looking, Great body and snagged a model.
46. Tyra Banks: She's crazy as hell. She fits in with the ritzy glamorous life and the ghetto fabulous.
45. Bill Yinger: My high school track coach. I don't know what he's up to, but he was a pretty neat runner and thrower.
44. Jenny McCarthy: She made Playboy cool for me. She's not just a pretty face, but a down-to-earth sort of chick. Has a great sense of humor and I bet she's an awesom mom too.
43. Angelina Jolie: Very strong woman. awesome actress. stole Brad Pitt from another woman (sorry Jennifer, but hey it boosted your career.)
42. Lindsay Hartley: very beautiful woman. plays the greatest character on Passions. If she ever left the show, I would stop watching.
41. Tom Welling: HOT HOT HOT!!!! that's all I have to say, plus he's tall as hell.
40. Jason Cook: Plays Shawn on Days of our Lives. He's gorgeous!!!
39. Jason Mraz: Awesome song writer. luv luv luv him.
38. Bryan Eckhardt: Gorgeous as hell but doesn't know it, and don't tell him.
37. Josh Hartnett: The celebrity that is my perfect match. I just wish he'd fix his unibrow
36. Holly Marie Combs: Piper Halliwell in Charmed. awesome show and she kicks ass.
35. Adam Brody: Lovely
34. Rupert Grint: Ronald Weasley
33. Daniel Radcliffe: He IS Harry Potter!!!
32. J.K. Rowling: Come on now, she wrote Harry Potter
31. Drew Barrymore: She went through a lot in her life and she came out a winner. That's inspirational.
30. Nancy Body: Thanks for letting me stay at your place when I was visiting.
29. Caroline Lee-Adler: has the hottest husband. My senior english teacher in high school. Inspired me to become an english major.
28. Scott Wild: My sixth grade teacher. He was a very inspiring teacher and he was cute.
27. Alexis Bledel: Rory Gilmore, so beautiful and ridiculous
26. Ben Weisman: A good friend of mine from college who actually knows what it means to keep in touch.
25. Valerie Sarrette: My cousin, just cause she's cool.
24. Nicole Kidman: we have the same birthday(i think) and she divorced Tom Cruse.
23. Kit Weyman: cause he reminds me of Joe Stoltz
22. Adrian Brody: ooh ooh ooh That's a Jew I'd like to screw.
21. Shano: Awesome artist, awesome blog. not at all self involved that she can't communicate with her fans and she's pretty much the reason why I made this list.
20. Lauren Graham: otherwise known as Lorelai Gilmore. known for her quick and whitty repartee.
19. Elijah Wood: yum yum! too bad he's short.
18. Ellen Degeneres: Come on, she's Ellen, nuff said.
17. Sandra Bullock: She's in some my most favorite movies.
16. Julio Mathieu: My cousin, he's crazy as hell and he plays too much.
15. Matt Feldman: An old friend who I wish was still in my life.
14. Queen Latifah: If I was famous, I would be her.
13. Christina Aguilera: WOW!!! love her new style
12. Nichole Nordeman: Wonderful christian singer, wonderful singer in general.
11. Yvon Riviere: My older brother, wise beyond his years and he has my back.
10. Jason Padilla: Dat's ma homeboy rite derr. The best drummer in the world.
9. Joe Atanasio: Well, he's the male me, except he has more ambition and he's way hotter.
8. Kim Lawser: She's practically my twin, opposites but similar.
7. Charlie Kerridge-Smith. One of my best friends from England. Very motherly, but won't admit it.
6. Mollie D.: My friend from school. She's ridiculously sleepy but she has her eyes open to the world. Wants to do everything.
5. Kareen Riviere: My sister. She's a bit neurotic and often stressed but I wish I had her work ethic. I look up to her, but don't tell her that.
4. Joelle Pierre: My cousin. Everything that I wish to be. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's independent. I wish I was like her.
3. Joe Stoltz: My good friend. He makes me smile without knowing it. If things worked out my way, he would be THE ONE!!!
2. JC Chasez: My fantasy man. Everything that I look for in a man. He doesn't know that I exist but that is ok. Any man that I may date will have to worry about being compared to him.
1. Jesus: To think that anyone, existing or not, would sacrifice himself for people he doesn't know just to save them is amazing in my book.

That's my top 50. Enjoy it, don't be mad if you're not on it, it just means that I don't like you like that. I'm kidding of course. You're definitely in the top 100 cause I don't know that many people so you are in it.

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Shano said...

Hee. Thanks for adding me to your list! I'm vr vr flattered :)

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