Monday, May 11, 2009

Tweet Tweet

So I fell off of the wagon over the weekend and had some Haitian food with the family because Sunday was Mothers Day. Although I had a bit of an off weekend, I am still determined to do this. I probably won't make my 20lb goal for my birthday, but I'm praying.

I'm on Twitter, as you might have noticed, and I'm a little obsessed. I'm following about 70 people and I'm being followed by 35 people (so far). I mostly twitter about what I'm watching or if I'm about to run an errand. I like thinking that someone out there cares. Someone out there is thinking, "what is Regine doing right at this moment?" Well now they have an answer. Yeah, Right! A girl can dream though, can't she? Well, if you stumble upon this blog and decide to read this, then my twitter name is LaBelleRiviere. Please follow me. If you want.

1 comment:

Summer said...

I suck at Twitter. All I care about is following Anoop. LoL

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