Monday, May 18, 2009


Hi Everyone

My weekend was pretty interesting. I went to my aunt Renee's birthday party on Saturday and I was about to go there without a gift for her. I realized that would have been a terrible faux-pas so I went to Kohls and got her a gold earring and necklace set that was really pretty. I saw a lot of stuff that I liked for her, but I thought that gold would look better on her because of her dark skin. Well anyway, price was an issue because I just gave my parents rent money so I'm kinda skint where money is concerned. When I picked out the earring and necklace set, I thought, "hmm, $18 is not so bad. Then I get up to the register ready to shell out 18 bucks and the dude said "That'll be $2.97"

Really? 2 dollars and 97 cents?

The guy says,"yeah, it's a clearance item."

I almost shouted to the heavens. "I love Kohls!!"

Now, I'm driving on PA33N to get to East Stroudsburg where my aunt and uncle live and I wouldn't say that I got lost, because I was in total control of where I was going. Though I will admit that I wasn't paying attention to the sign that said "keep left to stay on PA33N". I ended up on 209N and I was watching 33N get farther and farther left from me. I yelled a very loud "Sugar Honey Ice Tea". Then I calmed myself down and said, "alright, use your brain, just find somewhere to make a U turn and fix it." Don't you love it when your brain can just tell itself to hush up and calm down? Somewhere down 209, there was a stop light which means... INTERSECTION!!!

So I turned left, found somewhere to make a U turn and went back the other way. Now I'm on 209 south and i had to get back onto 33S and find a way to go back north. I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE AN EXIT because I didn't want to get lost. I was praying, Lord give me a legal U turn place. The Lord said, "No, just take an exit." So I did, and guess what, the exit to me to a perpendicular sort of intersection where I could only go left or right, not straight. If I went right I would go into whatever town it was. (I forget the name) If I went left I could get back to (wait for it) 33North!!!!! We have a winner!

Went left and back en route to my aunt's place. I got there and they live in a gated community so I had to get out and register and follow my uncle to the house because it was just very curvy and wind-y, so I was lucky to have him find me and show me how to get to the place to register.

The party was nice and I got to see my cousin's and their cousins on the other side of the family. It was a rainy night but I really didn't want to sleep over so my cousins Reginald and Julio came back with me to sleep at my house. Their dad came the next day to pick them up and I had the rest of Sunday to myself.

Today was back to work and lameness, but my coworker and I decided to go to CiCi's pizza buffet for dinner with her daughter and her mother. It was a crazy experience. I had no idea that there were so many peppy people. I guess they all work at Cici's. As soon as I walked in there, the girl at the register shouted in my face "HI WELCOME TO CICI'S" and then all of the employees shouted, "HI WELCOME TO CICI'S"

I was scared for my life.

The pizza was good, the dessert was good, my pink lemonade was good the salad was good and when I walked out, they all shouted again, "THANK YOU FOR COMING!". When thinking about it, it is a good idea to be greeted enthusiastically, but when dining, do you really want to hear all of that shouting? It's not like there are a few people near the entrance/exit that greet the patrons, EVERYONE who works there greets the patrons. So I could be sitting having a conversation with someone and one of the workers would be cleaning the table next to us and then randomly burst out with a greeting. It's annoying. I am SO going there again!!!

alrighty! good nighty!

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Summer said...

haha Kohl's is awesome! I love their sales so much.

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