Sunday, May 03, 2009

Start of a new "project"

So, as I mentioned before, I'm starting this new fitness thing for the Summer. although, technically May and most of June aren't part of the Summer, I figured why wait. And considering the weather lately, it might as well be Summer. Well I was going to start on Friday but, why go to the gym on the last weekday of the week even though it was the 1st of May? But then I felt bad about not starting when I should have so I did a little bit of stuff today.

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart with my reusable bags from Giant (turned inside-out so the scary Wal-Mart zombies won't hurt me) and bought my usual stuff, but instead of buying a bag of chips, I bought those ranch flavored rice cakes and I bought (don't hate me) diet pills. *shhhhh* They've worked for me before so I decided to give it another go, plus they are specially designed for women. (you know the ones I'm talking about)

Anyway, I am really looking forward to my little Summer "project" with this whole get fit business. I really hope I reach my goal. But I'm still taking it step-by-step. Hopefully, by my birthday I'll lose at least 20lbs. Wish me luck.
Oh, and don't think that this is some misguided attempt to fit society's norm of what is beautiful. I just want to be healthy, especially since I don't have health insurance, I have to do whatever I can to prevent any fat-related sickness. You know, high blood pressure/ cholesterol, diabetes, chub rub.

Well, I was going to wash my hair but there was no hot water. MAJOR FAIL! Now my fro is pulled back in a ponytail and it is gross. Don't judge.

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