Thursday, November 02, 2006

The perks of dating Jesus

If Jesus had a girlfriend or a wife, that woman would be the coolest woman on the Earth. Oh!! the things that she and her (son of) Man would have done. Let me list them.

1. Wine whenever you want it.
2. The perfect diet of fish and bread.
3. Moonlit walks on the river Jordan.
4. No need for health insurance.
5. Free furniture (cause he's a carpenter)
6. Sailing all of the time
7. Watching him save lives
8. Every date is the perfect date, calming storms, birdies chirping

Of course, with perks come disadvantages.

1. No privacy cause God's always watching.
2. Sometimes a girl need more than fish and bread.
3. Overbearing Jewish mother
4. 12 dudes hanging around all the time, you'd think they were all named Tyrone

HAHAHA. I Love Jesus!!!

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