Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Normally I try to keep some positivity when i'm angry, but these past couple of weeks are really pissing me off.

First i find out that the dude went back to his thrice ex-gf, and i don't even find out from him because apparently I'm not cool enough to tell stuff to anymore.

Second, yesterday I went shopping and I bought a cool shirt from Ashley Stewart. I get home and I find out that the dumb bitch forgot to take the security tag off of it. So I spent half an hour sawing that thing open trying to find a way to take it off and i managed to take it off but of course i also managed to put a teeny hole in the shirt.

Thirdly when i got home yesterday from shopping, I was torn between getting chinese or pizza and i ended up getting chinese though i really wanted pizza. So I'm all happy with my chicken wings and fried rice and when my dad comes home what does he bring? CHICKEN WINGS AND FRIED RICE!!! WTF, I should have bought the pizza so I could have had both. So I'm sitting in my room and I'm sick of chicken at this point so I save it for the next day (today).

Fourthly, I get my chinese today to eat it and I'm halfway through a piece of chicken and guess what happens. The tooth that is supposed to get fixed on Thursday gets cracked, so now they can't just fix it with a filling, they might have to remove it completely.

Fifthly, I call the dentist office to see what i should do and those idiots have my brother's name for the appointment. Dumbasses! so I tell them that it's me and they tell me that I have to wait till thursday to get everything fixed.

Sixthly, my driving test is tomorrow and I feel like I'm going to fail it again cause all of this bad stuff has been happenning to me.
Seventhly, tomorrow night was the night I was SUPPOSED to see a concert with Joey, but he can't come and I don't think I'll ever see him again.

I'm really looking forward to Friday afternoon cause I'm going to visit Mollie and I get to wear my two new shirts and my cute wedge black suede-ish opened tied shoes. it's gonna hurt like a bitch, but fuck that cause by then I'll be a toothless, single, nondriving, unemployed whench.
On the upside, I'm gonna look cute and stuff while I'm in AC and I get to be with a good friend of mine and I think we are going to do another video to put on youtube. hahaha, can't wait.

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Shano said...

OH!! x's to you! Hope your day got better. On the upside, Chinese food is always better the second day even if it does make teeth fall out of yer head! (sorry!)

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