Sunday, November 05, 2006

Changes can be good

My household usually consists of four people doing their own thing. patrick is playing video games in ihs room, Pop is in hte livingroom watching soccer, I'm in my room on my computer and my mom is floating around everywhere complaining about it all.

A couple of days ago, this routine was broken when my mother and I decided to watch tv together and we managed to watch a whole episode of Gilmore girls and and entire movie, The American President, without any complaints. Then out comes my mom with:

Mom: I wanted us to watch tv together so we could be like Lorelai and Rory. I wanted us to talk.

Now I'm staring at her wondering what to say. My mother and I have only 4 things in common. We love Gilmore Girls, Jesus, watching movies and eating.

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to tell her how I feel about her. Lately she has been pushing me so hard in every which direction and it was really frustrating me. So yesterday, while my dad and I were at the PA house, my mom had a Parent support group thing to go to with my brother. They talked about frustration and how to deal with it. One of the ways to deal with it would be to talk to the person that is frustrating you and I told her that doesn't work all of the time because that person could be stubborn as hell and refuses to hear what you are saying.

So I finally got the courage to tell her how I felt. It started out with her talking about al of the things that frustrate her. She realized that she cared too much about everything and she made them her life. I told her that she needed to let go a little bit and she wouldn't be as stressed.

With that, I told her that she has been focussing too much on my life situation and I told her that she needed to let go a lot.

Me: you push people so hard in every which direction without knowing where you want them to go and one of these days you are going to push someone off a cliff.

Mom: (in her crazy haitian accent) Whaaaaaaat!!

Me: you're not going to kill someone, but could be so torn that you drive them crazy and right into an asylum.

So my mom finally realized that she needs to step back and let me do things on my own. Let's see how long that lasts.

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The Mo said...

how cute!!

i wish i could do that...

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