Thursday, November 02, 2006


God works in mysterious ways.

Recently, a lot of doors have been opened for me. I started getting free singing lessons from the choir director, Alissa. She is so nice and such a sweetheart. She said that I have a great voice and I have an awesome range. She also said that she would look out for auditions and bring them my way.

I also started volunteering at my church. It's a little lame and the dog is crazy, but it is something to do while I'm looking for work. It keeps me out of the house.

I've been looking on the internet and newspapers for jobs and I've been sending my resume everywhere. Two days ago, I found an ad for a recptionist needed in NY. I emailed my resume and they called me yesterday to schedule an interview. I could have either done it todayor friday. I had plans for both days but I decided to do it today after my dentist appointment. I got all nervous and stuff cause I thought that I was going to be numb while I was having my interview, but to my surprise, the dentist people had to reschedule so I was free this morning and went for my interview. Everything went fine, i think. Oh well.

I'm kinda pissed that my dentist apt was changed cause I wanted to get it over with. I guess it was for the best.

Now my good friend is continuously having troubles with this girl and I secretly feel that it is the perfect time to tell him how i feel about him, but then I don't want him to think of me as the rebound girl or worse, as some lunatic who has a huge crush on him.
Of course I'm not going to tell him cause I'm a punk and I'm scared as hell of what his reaction might be. I'll probably wait forever for him. He might never feel the same way thatI do, but if he does, I think that we could be great together.

If what they say about love is true, then I think:


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