Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Officially Over

Well, whatever feelings I had for Joe are officially gone. My heart no longer has a space for him. We were friends, once, and we crossed that line. At first I was alright with it because I thought that something wonderful was going to grow from it, but instead, there was nothing. Then I thought we could at least be friends, but how can one be friends with someone who only stays in contact when he has no one better to talk to? I don't deserve to be the fall back friend. I've only ever put him on a pedestal and I apparently was nothing to him. I was enough of a thought to have him add me to facebook, but I wasn't enough of a friend to have him tell me that he was having a baby and then getting married (yeah, in that order cause he can't keep it in his pants, the nasty freak).

So, he's married now and his (seven years his junior) wife is seven months pregnant. I remember days when he would come to me to tell me that she was driving him crazy and that there were points when he couldn't stand her. Hmm, makes a girl think.

To celebrate this occasion, I decided to seriously take him out of my life. I tore up all of his pictures, deleted him from facebook, my phone and aim. I even went through every single comment he has ever left me and deleted those too. It's a little hard to get him out of my head, but at least I can picture him in painful positions, i.e. in a guillotine (a normal sized one and a little one for little Joe), in a bathtub with a hairdryer or radio, or with a noose around his neck.
I just hope the poor girl wises up and divorces his ass and takes him for everything he has and he'll be living on the street with no legs, pushing himself around on a messed up skateboard. :) That would be nice. That would be justice.

I can picture it now; I'm walking down the street looking fabulous, on my way to the Pulitzer Prize award ceremony, where I will be receiving one for my latest book. Joe's rolling down the street and he sees me and he calls out my name. I look his way, and there he is, on his crooked skateboard looking a hot mess. He tells me he's sorry, I accept his apology and I go receive my award.

That would be lovely.

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