Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Trip

I was in London exactly 1 month ago, and I can't believe it has taken me this long to write about it.
<-- That is how I wish I looked while in London, but I'm a little bit more of a porker with the same general hairstyle.

Well it was my first time ever in Europe and I felt completely at home there. I was so happy to see Charlie again and I was also happy to get out of the house. I was there for a week and I stayed at Charlie's place which was so good for me because I'm unemployed and broke as a mug. Kim was only able to make it for a day, which shows true friendship. (I haven't spoken to her since then, I should give her a call.)

The wedding was really nice and short (thank God) but it managed to sneak an emotional moment in its 30 min time span. Charlie's mom (R.I.P) made it to the wedding and even though she was sick, I could tell that she was very happy to see her daughter get married. I had never met her before that day, but I had spoken to her on the phone and she was such a sweet woman. She must have been a really cool mom to have raised really great children like Charlie and her brother. She passed away exactly a week after the wedding and I really wish I was there for Charlie, but I know that her husband is there for her.

After the wedding, they showed me around. The first night I was there I got to see Billy Elliot the musical; I saw Windsor Castle, where the queen lives; I saw Buckingham Palace, and we went to the London Zoo. I had a really great time. I wish I had gotten to see the London night life, but that will give me a reason to go back. O.k. not just for the night life but to be in friggin London. Hope fully by then, I'll actually be able to afford my trip and maybe I'll be able to stay there longer.

So, here is a list of countries that I really really really want to go to and why:
France- cause I speak french and who doesn't want to go to France
Italy- I hear Italian men really like black girls
Ireland- The pubs
Spain- The music and the men
Germany- The Beer and Arik <3 (don't ask)
Greece- the decendants of Greek warriors
Australia- I need to perfect the accent
Japan- the fashion
India- to meet Aishwaria Rai, she's really pretty

I haven't been to many US states (is that redundant?) but I don't really have a list of which ones I want to visit yet. Oh well.

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