Saturday, June 27, 2009

Books vs. Real Life

I was looking through a few of my favorite blogs and it got me thinking. Most of the blogs I like are Jane Austen related and one of them asked readers why they enjoyed Jane Austen so much. I began to imagine myself as Elizabeth Bennet or Marianne Dashwood being courted by different men and then finding their true loves and living happily ever after. Then reality would strike and I would remember their living situations and the situations of all women (don't even get me started on BLACK women) in 19th Century England.

So instead of looking at why I love Jane Austen's stories, I thought about why I love all the stories that I love.

1. Every story is a love story.
2. Every girl has that awesome best friend.
3. It's obvious who the gentlemen are and who the pigs are.
4. The good guys win and the bad guys get what they deserve.
5. Kisses are always passionate, gazes are always long and embraces are always tight.
6. There is always a "fairy godmother" type person.
7. Even the plain girls find love.
8. The guy who tells the girl that she isn't good enough for him doesn't find anyone better.
9. Memorable adventures are being had.
10. When people die, they aren't really gone.
11. There's always at least one parent who is on the hero(ine)'s side.
12. The stereotypically beautiful ones don't always win.
13. Someone has learned a lesson
14. Someone taught someone a lesson
15. Self discovery
16. Wrongs are righted
17. It's good to be witty
18. Everyone plays and important role.
19. There's always at least one genuinely "pure and innocent" character
20. Everyone's speech is grammatically correct.

There are tons more reasons why I love the books that I read and the main one of them all is that there is always one character whose life I can live for a few hours here and there.

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