Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Announcement: Daniel Radcliffe

You have seen him grow up before your eyes, from playing young David Copperfield to a 15 year old Harry Potter. Now at 17 years old, not only is Radcliffe a phenomenal actor but he is also very HOT!!!

He is starring in a London play "Equus" where he plays Alan Strang or whatever the character is called. Either way, the point is, HE'S NAKED.

"Equus" premiered on Brodway in 1973 and won a Tony Award, and now it is making a big comeback in London.

Don't take any of this info as official because I am still learning about it but I would really like to see it one day and throw Daniel a sweatshirt cause he's NAKED. hahaha

1 comment:

Shano said...

Hee! I saw those pics!! Made me feel pedophilish.

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