Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sense and Sensibility

Will I ever find my Colonel Brandon?

I was watching Sense and Sensibility yesterday with Kate Winslett and Emma Thompson. I had seen the movie once before, but this time I was able to relate to Marianne's character. She fell in love with a man who practically saved her life and her heart was broken when she found out that he was with another person.
Willoughby and Marianne shared a passion for art and poetry and life. They had such a connection and even though the words were not spoken, they loved each other. I would tell you the rest, but it is too complicated, so you just have to see the movie. The part that really got to me was when Marianne stood at the top of the hill looking over at his house, in the rain and repeated his name over and over again. I have lived that moment, the moment when you feel complete hopelessness. The moment when you would rather die than live another day without the person you love. It's not a good thing to feel, trust me.

In comes Col. Brandon who fell in love with her the very moment he heard her sing and play the pianoforte (which was the beginning of the movie/book). He, of course stepped aside when he knew that she loved Willoughby. All he wanted was her happiness. At her complete low, he came to her rescue and became devasted when she fell ill. He did what he could to see that she had what she needed and stayed by her side while she recovered. She eventually fell in love with him and they married.
I apologize if I spoiled the film/book for you, but I just wanted to express that I have had a very hard time in the love department because of a particular someone. Now he is with someone else and I am standing in the rain watching from afar. I would like to one day be rescued by my own Col. Brandon and live in eternal bliss while Willoughby stands on the hill watching from afar.

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