Friday, August 06, 2010

At the Bus Stop

It's been a while since I mentioned interesting things that I've witnessed on the bus or at the bus stop. I've compiled a small list of the most memorable things.

1. At the bust stop I saw a teenage boy walking with his pants sagging. NOt only were the pants low, but they were at mid-thigh. Dude was trying to walk (waddle) over to his friends when his pants fell down. I laughed. The people at the bus stop with me were laughing and best of all, his friends were laughing.

2. At the bus stop, my bus finally came and it was letting people off. There was a bigl ine of people trying to get on. I guess sometimes people are so focussed on getting to the bus that they don't realize how close they are to it. The back doors of the bus opened to let people off and a woman was in the way and got hit. Poor thing almost got knocked down, but she bumped into someone who started cussing at her. "What's wrong with you. Don't you see me standing here, you stupid effing Mexican?" I got so mad, I felt it in my chest and I told the cusser that the poor woman almost got knocked down and it was an accident, blah blah blah. Chick was looking at me cock-eyed so I stood my ground. I was seconds away from calling her the b word, but that would have made things worse.

3. On the bus, there was this dude sitting in front of me who was about to get off. When he stood up, I could see his underwear. His ass was right at my eye level and I was utterly grossed out. Furthermore, I could smell the nastiness that was goin on in his pants. His undies were brown for a reason.

4. On the bus there was a cute little family, mom, dad and little boy sitting near me. The little boy was sooooo cute and what made him cuter was he noticed that his mom was in a fowl mood and he was making faces at her to make her laugh. The cutest thing.

5. On the bus, there was this woman who was sleeping in her seat near me. She got up to get off the bus and a piece of gum rolled off of her belly. At the time, I thought it was a tiny ball of paper. There was this girl sitting behind me and she was really annoying. She, along with some other people were ready to get off at the next stop. Just about everyone stepped on the piece of gum and the gum remained in tact on the floor. The annoying girl, however, stepped on it and it got stuck on the hem of her pant leg. Karma!

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