Saturday, November 28, 2009


In Newark for Thanksgiving and I am ready to go back to Easton. I realized that I am a horrible person because my uncle is just trying to bond with me and practice his English and all I want to do is be mean to him. He makes no sense when he talks, and the English major in me just wants to... well... you know.

My mother has been hassling me about my current work situation. She thinks she is helping me, but she is just irritating me. She knows how to make a child feel unloved.

Anyway, I still have one more day left in my long weekend before I have to deal with work and I have decided to make a secret project for only me to know about. I read in Cosmo that it is better to keep goals to one's self rather than tell every one about it. A person would think that it would be better to tell people so that the fear of disappointing people would motivate him or her to follow through, but according to Cosmo, it isn't. In the article, it said that people get satisfied and feel accomplished just by having the plan and telling people about it and that feeling is enough for them.

I guess it works just like wishes. If you tell someone your wish, it won't come true. According to the article, the people who keeps their plans to themselves are more successful because it is exciting to have this secret, follow through with it and then surprise people with the news once the goal is reached.

Some of the things that I've kept to myself have worked out much better than the things that I've shared with others. There is that extra weight on your shoulders when people expect things from you. In the article, it said that people like to give unsolicited advice and make themselves part of your goals. They can either have a genuine interest in helping you achieve your goal or they want to get some of the credit for your achievement. (People can be arses like that)

Alrighty then, off to planning!!


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